Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Zoom, Zoom where went June????????

Okay, the summer has begun! June is the month of School's out, our Anniversary, Father's Day & Amber's Birthday! Give me a break from the holidays! But it is an endless opportunity of FUN!
School is out & Adam has been working nights so he GETS to stay home with the kids during the day and have fun in the POOL, in the FORT, on the WATER SLIDE, playing VIDEO GAMES! Sounds like quite the life right???? Of course he would be much more appreciative of all this time he gets to spend with his children during the day if they would sleep in past 8 o'clock since he usually gets home around 2 or 3 in the AM. But hey, Thomas Edison only needed 5 hours a night right and he was a great inventor! Funny, Adam gave me that same dirty look!
We celebrated our 12th Anniversary on the 7th of June, Amber was kind enough to babysit so we got a rare dinner out ALONE and EVEN went to the Movies! We saw Star Trek, which I loved and Adam thought was OK. I know there are alot of ladies who thought William Shatner was IT back in the day, but as for myself....I would have willingly watched alot more star trek with my mom as a kid had James T. Kirk looked like this guy! Not exactly the response Adam was looking for on our Anniversary!

The next weekend we celebrated Amber's 20th birthday, man do I feel OLD! She was 4 when Adam & I started dating....wow! Ben came over and we had dinner and cake of course and did the whole present thing! Lots of fun for all!
Well she has graduated with her AA from St. John's River Community College and is trying to get into the nursing program @ TCC. She got her first job as the Sr. Clerk with the State of Florida Department of Health, and then got a second job as a waitress at a local restaurant, Victor's. We were shocked that she actually.......finally got a job and then right away got 2! But we are very proud of her for working so hard and stepping through the doors of adulthood! Now we just have to get her done with school and into her long awaited career of midwifery, she can't wait! She's wanted to be midwife since she was 10. GO Amber!

Our next big day was Father's Day! Adam got his long awaited Fish Finder for this boat and was happy as a clam!
The kids all made cards and he got a new Bass hat, and we just had a fun night together.

Thus far the summer has been full of just the day to day type things, Adam & I are working and juggling kid activities like TaeKwanDo and activity boys at church. We've done some day trips to Wakulla Springs, the park & such on my Friday's off. But all in all I'm not sure where June really went, it just went by so fast! But don't they all these days!
Zoom! Zoom!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Movin' & Shakin' in May

Well let's see May, not unlike any other month was another busy month. It started with Arynn's birthday, my little princess turned 4, and we had a princess party!
Everyone participated, even the boys who were good sports for the most part! Arynn loved it & got some cool presents which she "just wubs them, wubs them!"

She got her Dora Cake & Uncle Ben came over for the occasion and even wore a crown.......Awwwwww, Thanks Uncle Ben! Of course later in the evening the boys had a push up contest to reassure themselves of their manly-ness! It was a fun time indeed!

Next activity, because we cannot simply be confined to one at time.........that is just nonsense, is Spring Soccer! Adam coached & I coordinated, we make a good team indeed! We had another great group of kids and every kid on the team scored at least 1 goal! the coolest part was that we had a little boy who is autistic, not severly but still. At our last game of the season he was the only kid who hadn't scored yet, so every kid on the team kept feeding him the ball so he could try to score and he finally did in the 3rd quarter! He was thrilled and all of the kids felt really good because they had helped their teammate! I don't know who was more excited him or the rest of us, but he was on top of the world that day for sure! Adam & I were so proud of our kids and what an awesome display of sportsmanship it was!

Right after spring soccer was over the boys tested in TaeKwanDo for their Yellow Belts!

They past with flying colors and Uncle Ben & Uncle Jeff came down to be @ the Awards ceremony where they were "Belted" ! Andrew was so excited he was literally levetating while his instructor, Mr. Adams, was putting his new yellow belt on him.

The next day Arynn, the boys & I met the uncles @ Indian Mounds Park in Tallahassee for a fun day of mound climbing, creek wading and wiffleball at the park. We were so wupped that we went home and Arynn put the cat down for a nap!

Ben & Jeff came over that night for Ice Cream and a few competative games of Settlers of Catan! Good times!

Friday, June 26, 2009

April Activity Abridgement

Andrew's birthday was on the 3rd. He chose to take 3 of his buddies from school to go see the 3-D movie Monsters vs. Aliens and go out for pizza! The whole family tagged along and it was a cute movie & everyone had fun! I like a doof forgot my camera so I only have pictures from the family Cookie cake & present celebration that night.
He got some new clothes, I had to since he's outgrown nearly EVERYTHING he has! A new Nintendo DS game, a movie & GORMITIS (little action figures he wanted really bad).

Doesn't look like a kid who is PUMPED about his birthday!!!!!!!!!

For Easter we made the trip to Brandon for the weekend. Kassi had been out of town visiting her mom and was flying in late on Friday, so we had a sig sleep over @ Aunt Laura's & Uncle Jeremy's, Braden & Lincoln got to sleep over too so Uncle Barry could go to the airport & pick her up. On Saturday morning we got up early to go to the Easter Egg hunt & breakfast in the park @ the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center, it turned out to be a let down as they weren't doing an official easter egg hunt as we had thought, but a killer game of follow the leader, led by Uncle Adam & Uncle Jeremy, through the strets of down town Tampa proved to be entertaining for all who participated and watched alike!
And then Easter Sunday arrived, we went to church with Grandma & Papa and then went to their house for a Yummy lunch of Steak & Dad's now famous Shrimp Carbinara! It was to die for! Then the Easter bunny left some surprises for the kids, 268 of them to be exact, and the fun continued as the search for easter eggs full of sweets & money began! Some people couldn't wait and just raided the M&M stash....AMBER!
Then everyone just sat around and enjoyed the spoils of the hunt! Looks good Lincoln, what ya got there Braden, can you share with Daddy.....PLEEEEAAAASSEEEE??????????????

March Madness!!!!!!!!!!!

Nope no basketball here, who had time??????
March brought a wirlwind of fun & exciting activites with it. Ginny got married on March 7th to the cute boy, Chris, she brought home with her for Christmas. They were married in the Orlando temple and the reception was held in Jeremy & Laura's backyard. Everyone worked really hard to get everything ready, we did the catering ourselves and Jeremy & the boys did alot of work to make the yard absolutely beautiful and it was a magical evening!
The weekend after was spring break so Barry & his family came up to go camping with us @ St. Joe State Park. It's probably my favorite campground of all time!Beautiful white sand & dunes, great views, out of the way, lots of wild life, it's my vision of heaven on earth!
We spent our days on the beach, playing in the sand & surf and our nights cooking & playing games by campfire. Ben came along too & Amber was in town for the weekend so fun was had by all!
The end of March is the beginning of the Annand Birthday months. Adam started off the celebration with Strawberry Shortcake...YUM and got a new fishing pole the boys picked out for him, a new fishing hat & DC comics lounge pants, he is afterall Superman!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Yah! Yah! Yah! - TaeKwanDo

In February the boys were invited to "Fear Factor" night at the local TaeKwanDo school and the next thing I know they were begging to be signed up! Yes "sucker" is stamped onto my forehead, I signed them up.....but don't they look cute in their uniforms?
Anyway I figured it would be good for them. The focus is on self-control, what little boy couldn't use that! Along with several other valuable tenants of focus, not to mention they have to say "yes sir" or "no sir" to answer all the time and run into place when told to do something and I was hoping it would carry over to home! A mom can dream!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Valentine's Day

This year for Valentine's Day we spent the evening at Arynn's school for the Wakulla Pre-K Festival! WhooHoo! Let's hear it for romance! Anyway, there was lots of fun activities for the kids and they loved it. They had a photographer there taking pictures, so I spent my tickets getting a cute picture of the kids, oh yeah and a cherry snow cone!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

2009 Winter SOCCER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well I am still playing catch up, no big surprise I realize, I am at least in the year 2009 now however! January brought us the start of soccer games, which the boys just LOVE!

Adam is the coach & I am legistical support! Again this year we got a great group of kids & parents, which really makes all the difference in the world! We moved up to a higher age bracket because of Drew and were worried about how competitive we would be, since most of our team who wanted to move up with us is younger. But we did really well! The league doesn't keep score....but I assure you ALL of the kids do! We wound up 6-3-1, which we were all happy with, and that's all that matters anyway. It's alot of fun for us & as I said the boys aboslutely LOVE it!